“Hi Lucy. The Target Leadership team were all very positive and passed on their congratulations and thanks for a very well run events roadshow. We are all very pleased with the outcome of the fashion workshops and we couldn’t have done it without your wonderful support and enthusiasm!! You guys were amazing and the customers absolutely loved it.”

Angela Macpherson, National Marketing Brand Manager, Target

Westfield Parramatta

“Lucy, as always it was an absolute pleasure working with you and your team. You have exceeded all our
expectations. We’ve been getting excellent feedback and sales. Both customer and retailers have been raving about the workshops. I’m thrilled and couldn’t be happier. Fantastic job. Thank you very much. Cheers”

Sally Bonner, Senior Marketing Manager,Westfield Parramatta


“Your professionalism, organisation and expertise have ensured that the fashion events you organised at our centres throughout Australia have been a huge success. Not only did they increase sales, but your attention to detail made my job so much easier”

TindiSorbero, National Project Manager, DFO

Westpoint Blacktown

“Dear Lucy. I’m really so impressed. The workshops were engaging, fun and interesting and we were all shopping in our minds along the way as well! The clothing selections were so spot on! It looks like everyone was engaged and enjoying themselves which was great to see. The feedback is fantastic and it’s so great the retailers are seeing results in store straight away. You were fabulous and organised and easy to work with which was a dream especially with me being so short staffed at the moment. We would absolutely love to have you back again next season

Kylie Webster, Senior Marketing Manager,Westpoint Blacktown

Australia Fair

“Dear Lucy. Thanks so much for your enthusiasm and professionalism while working with us at Australia Fair.
Considering your consistent contact with our retailers, they have always provided positive feedback regarding your willingness to work with them whilst at the same time being assertive enough to ensure that the end result is of a high standard ensuring that the brand and essence of Australia Fair is well showcased. Thanks for your open mind, creativity, professionalism and attention to detail. Thanks Lucy!”

Tanya Brewer, Marketing Manager, Retail First Pty Ltd

Grand Plaza

“Grand Plaza has now used the fantastic services of The Fashion Workshop on several occasions. The team are
wonderful, well organised, professional, and stylish of course and I can’t sing their praises enough. The events that we have run with them have been outstanding, not only looking great and providing audiences with great entertainment, but also achieving great sales results for the fashion apparel retailers involved in the workshops we have conducted. I can’t wait to use The Fashion Workshop again.

Danielle Bamford, Marketing Manager, Grand Plaza

Caneland Central

“Lucy and Louise from The Fashion Workshop are in tune with fashion trends, customer wants and retailer needs. They create and present expert and entertaining fashion workshops that are relatable to our customers. Caneland Central has enjoyed customer workshops, speed styling sessions and this season, a VIP night, and Lucy consistently provides a professional service, both to our retailers and our customers. We will continue to learn new fashion trends, tips and tricks for years to come!”

Deanne Woolcock, Marketing Manager Caneland Central