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Fashion Sales Training Seminars

Extraordinary workshops, seminars, and keynotes for national road shows and management trainings.

When it comes to fashion retail – you may feel like you’ve seen it all.
You’ve heard the old advice. The same, outdated techniques.

You’re ready for something different.
You’re looking for a powerful new approach that’s dynamic, proven to be effective, and engages your audience.
You want your staff or participants walk away with cutting-edge sales tactics they can put to work in their businesses immediately.

You’re looking for The Fashion Workshop

Our seminars have repeatedly been proven to improve staff confidence and retention rates, and maximise sales.

Sound too good to be true? Just ask our clients.

A TFW seminar or workshop will arm your in-centre retailer staff with up-to-the-minute knowledge they need to succeed in today’s fast-paced, post-web fashion retail market.

With tested-and-proven techniques and strategies for engaging your customers we’ll show your retail staff how to craft more positive in-store experiences – which mean more sales for your business – and retailers.

Best of all, we design every talk to leave your people feeling confident, motivated and better able to serve your customers.

Your team will walk out of the room feeling fired up, and equipped with the skills they need to effectively upsell, increase their UPT and the step up average customer spending.

We strive to be:

Interactive, engaging and educational.

Here’s a sample of exactly what we can accomplish during a seminar:

  • Improve your staff’s customer service skills
  • Teach them how to dress customers with in-store clothes that fit and flatter their silhouette
  • Educate your team on mixing and matching current stock, to create on-trend outfits your customers will love
  • Strengthen customer loyalty long term

So – are you ready to take your next staff training conference to the next level?

Let’s do this

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